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Venous Blood Acid/ Alkaline Testing

The importance for maintaining an optimal venous blood pH cannot be over emphasized. Any deviation from optimal venous blood pH of 7.46 can result in lack of utilization of enzymes, lack of absorption of trace nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

When these deviations are too great or go on for a long period of time, metabolic problems arise as well as degenerative disease systems. Three of the most common complaints I hear from patients are fatigue, digestive disorders, and allergies. The first focus of my testing is to optimize the venous blood pH. We do this via a fasting urine pH, fasting blood glucose test, and a glucose tolerance and intolerance test. We do fasting blood dark field oil immersion microscopic work ups to check the various particulates in the plasmachylous bodies or fat cells.

All the above testings help me determine your acid alkaline biobalance profile.

In addition to the above tests, we do a complete capillary blood work up with our dark field microscope, electro acupuncture testing, urine pathology, bowel toxicity, and vitamin C threshold.

This test takes about one and a half hours and requires you to be on a 15 hour fast. Very few supplements are prescribed. Most biobalance profiles change with food. The proper foods will bring your venous blood pH back into biobalance. When this adjustment occurs, wonderful things happen to your body, because you are now absorbing and utilizing nutrients. My success rate is over 90% in helping people obtain a higher level of health and endurance.


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