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The Focus of Health
Foods that are bad for everyone.
Good foods that are good for you.
Good foods that are bad for you.

Three Major Foods Causing Health Problems
The processing and refining of our vegetable oils into trans fatty and hydrogenated acids and oils.
The high consumption of refined sugars and grain products.
The high intake of animal meats and animal fats.

Three Factors For Optimizing Health
Positive mental attitude.
Proper nutrition for your body chemistry.
Adequate aerobic exercise for your age.

Dr. Richard Kunin, a prominent ortho molecular physician in San Francisco, states that if every person in the United States would take 700 IU's of vitamin E daily, it would save billions of dollars a year in health costs. If the government were to ban the manufacturing of trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils, this would benefit health costs many more billions of dollars and drastically cut down many degenerative disease processes. Do not hold your breath for this to happen. It is up to every one of us to insure ourselves of the proper intake of foods and nutrients.

The balancing of the venous blood pH is the protocol that I utilize in my nutritional practice. Nutrients are optimally absorbed and utilized when the pH of the venous blood is 7.46. If ones blood is on the acid side and the good food he or she eats is acid forming in the blood, this would be a bad food for that person as it would further acidify the blood. This is an example of a good food that would be bad for that individual. When one can maintain an optimal pH of the venous blood, higher level of wellness will be obtained, along with more energy, fewer allergies, and freedom from many aches and pains.


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