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Ascorbic Acid or Calcium Ascorbate

Calcium ascorbate and ascorbic acid are both forms of vitamin C. Calcium ascorbate, being alkaline forming in the blood, will alkalize the blood; where ascorbic acid, being acid forming in the blood, will acidify the blood.

It is absolutely necessary that the venous blood ph be maintained in the very close proximity pH of 7.46. Anything below this would be acid; anything above this would be alkaline. Why is it necessary to have your pH be around 7.46? This is the ideal pH which optimal absorption and utilization of enzymes and trace nutrients takes place. If your pH is too far off one way or another, you will not be able to properly metabolize these precious nutrients.

A practical example that happens is when I do nutritional reinforcement for cancer patients. Generally cancer patients venous blood is alkaline. I find most of these patients are taking the ascorbate form of vitamin C, which is further alkalizing their blood. This means they are not able to utilize many of their enzymes or trace nutrients. Certain vitamins and minerals are either acid or alkaline forming in the blood. The scope of this report is to just focus on vitamin C. When the conversion is made to further acidify their blood, higher energy is usually observed. This is true for mostly everyone.

Most people are confused about the pH systems of our body. When the urine pH is acid, the blood is generally alkaline and vice versa. Taking a pH reading of your urine after a fifteen-hour fast will give some indication of the acid alkalinity of your blood. Type A personalities, lean people, and compulsive behavior are individuals with alkaline blood. If your nature is to gain weight easily, hard to wake up in the morning, and be less disciplined, you are probably an acid blood type. Acid blood people have to snack in between meals. These are all generalities. The best way of determining your blood type is by biochemical testing which is done by a number of us.

In conclusion, you should now have a good idea which Vitamin C is right for certain individuals. You should now understand why the pH is so critical for optimal health. It might even be possible now for you to figure out which Vitamin C is right for you.



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