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Is there a perfect diet that can work for everyone? We all have friends who rave about the results they have achieved using the Atkins, Zone, or Blood Type diets. Still, most of us also know many others who have not gotten good results. Today, health professionals have begun to understand the reason for this: Each person is bio-chemically unique. Dr. Harold J. Kristal’s breakthrough Metabolic Typing program arose out of his 40 years of research and clinical observation. Building on the work of the 20th century’s nutrition trailblazers, Dr. Kristal’s approach to health and nutrition is rigorously tailored to accommodate each individual’s specific metabolic profile. Metabolic Typing is a revolutionary nutritional system based on the observation that one of two homeostatic systems (Oxidative or Autonomic) controls the metabolism of any given individual.


The Nutrition Solution: A Guide to Your Metabolic Type (North Atlantic Books, ISBN 1-55643-437-5)
by Harold J. Kristal, D.D.S. and James M. Haig, N.C.,







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